We are new to New Mexico, every day we encounter something new to us. This means a lot of awe,  elevated heart rates, and many questions. What is that?  Is it venomous/poisonous/dangerous? Friend or Foe. Where am I? These are worthwhile questions.

Northern New Mexico: adobe walls, the 50/50 sky/land experience, full time UV,  cloud formations you could actually make a full-time job of watching.  This is a place, where you feel like you are someplace. In winter, the air is filled with the smell of Pinon smoke… in the Summer, monsoons get the blood and arroyos moving.  Evidence of Ancient culture, ongoing all around you.

  Time has felt different since being here – the towns that feel like the 1800’s, internet speeds that remind you of 2002 – and evidence of ancient life and geology that might transport you into “no-time” or eternal time.